Florida attorney John Musca provides a comprehensive guide for Florida residents accused of DUI

Naples, FL In his free, downloadable e-book, How to Beat a DUI in Florida: A Must-Have Resource for DUI Defendants, Florida attorney John Musca has assembled critically important advice for people accused of DUI (driving under the influence). The purpose of this comprehensive legal guide is to provide education about DUI charges, help defendants prepare for difficult legal decisions, and present options available to DUI defendants to protect their legal rights at both administrative hearings and criminal proceedings. The guide covers topics such as the consequences of a DUI conviction, protection of driving privileges, advantages of a DUI attorney, and common defenses used in Florida DUI cases. As Attorney Musca says, “If you want to beat your DUI, you need to download this book.”

DUI charges are serious criminal allegations that carry harsh penalties, fines, and other consequences that can negatively impact a defendant‘s life for years. Penalties for DUI can include jail time, hefty fines, lengthy probation, substance abuse counseling, vehicle impoundment, and vehicle ignition interlock devices. A Florida DUI conviction also can impact a defendant‘s career, as well as future educational and employment opportunities.

How to Beat a DUI in Florida advises those accused of DUI never to plead guilty without legal advice and representation from a Florida DUI lawyer. Pleading guilty, Mr. Musca says, means negating the chances of beating the DUI charge, and there is no leniency when it comes to pleading guilty. The best way to obtain a positive result is to develop a strong defense that may result in the dismissal of the charges altogether.

The Florida DUI defense lawyers at Musca Law have successfully used their experience and resources to stay ahead of the prosecution and defend the rights and good names of hundreds of people throughout Florida. As Attorney Musca says, a DUI defendant “… needs to have someone at their back 110 percent.” One client testifies to that wisdom: “…I was facing an 18-month license suspension with no possibility of being eligible for a hardship one during that entire time. My hearing was two weeks ago and I got the phone call last week that we had won at the DMV Admin Hearing! I went and got my license … with no restrictions and no machines! …This law firm and the lawyers who comprise it are the real deal and will do their best to take care of you.”

To download a free copy of How to Beat a DUI in Florida, or to locate a Florida DUI attorney, visit the Musca Law website at http://www.FloridaDUILawyer.com. For immediate assistance, call the firm‘s 24/7 Florida DUI helpline at 800. 687. 2252. All phone calls are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

About Musca Law : The DUI lawyers at Musca Law have successfully defended the rights of hundreds of people throughout Florida, lending them the legal experience and resources to stay ahead of the prosecution and defend their clients‘ good names. Musca Law is headquartered at 2650 Airport Rd. South, Naples, Florida, 34112, with additional offices throughout the State of Florida. To contact Musca Law, call 239.793.5296 or toll free 800. 687.2252. Visit them on the web at http://floridaduilawyer.com.

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