Emerging artists looking to get exposure for their talent but are working with a small budget now have an ally in music marketing specialists, MyMusicMyLife.com.

For the last 15 years, MyMusicMyLife.com and Urban Threshold, INC. has been helping new artists promote their music, videos, and mixtapes to attract national exposure for their work. The company offers a wide range of services including: securing radio airplay on internet, satellite and FM radio. They help artists connect with the right audience through features on popular music blogs and magazines such as Hip Hop Weekly and XXL Magazine.
MyMusicMyLife.com has been instrumental in the success of many artists including Hip Hop artist Nakaya, whose track ‘Ayo’ made it to number 5 on the Digital Radio Charts Top 80 ( source 9/5/2015 charts on www.digitalradiotracker.com). The company also helps unsigned and indie artists get booked for paid shows.

Managing director of My Music My Life, Rob Wright said: There are several talented artists today who want to showcase their talent to the world but are limited by their small marketing budget. We are here to bridge that gap and have been doing this successfully more than a decade.”

There is nothing quite like getting recognized for one’s talent and MyMusicMyLife.com ensures artists get highlighted for their great work through their 11-year running music award show, Underground Music Awards. To help artists garner even more exposure, the company regularly hosts free music contests for best song and best music videos on their site. In addition, they interview artists and post it to their website.

For further information, please visit: http://www.mymusicmylife.com.

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