My Energy Geek, a leading provider of renewable energy products and services to customers in the Orlando area, has announced its offer to homeowners of a home energy evaluation. My Energy Geek partners with Rinaldi’s Energy Solutions, an Orlando area provider of home energy system products and services, to conduct the evaluation. The evaluation is valued at several hundred dollars, provided at no cost to the homeowner and designed to identify ways a homeowner may be able to lower the costs of his or her utility bill.

The home energy evaluation is intended to be as convenient for the homeowner as possible. The Florida solar power company describes the process on their website: “A highly trained ‘Energy Geek’ will evaluate your home’s energy consumption and discover areas where you may be losing energy and money.”

The representative from My Energy Geek examines the home’s energy system with a focus on the aspects of a home related to heating and cooling; these areas include the air conditioning unit, duct work and insulation. The rationale for the focus on the heating and cooling system is its status as the largest contributor to a home’s energy bills. Beyond the areas related to heating and cooling, My Energy Geek’s home energy evaluation also takes into consideration a home’s hot water tank, windows, doors, outlets and light bulbs.

Upon completion of the evaluation, My Energy Geek provides customers with a summary of their findings. The summary includes a report of the areas checked and any issues related to energy consumption that were identified. The renewable energy company also provides recommendations that, if implemented by the homeowner, may reduce a home’s energy bill. For further details visit

Established in 1999, My Energy Geek strives to provide their customers with a staff of experts who understand how the latest renewable energy technology may benefit their home. My Energy Geek expresses an understanding that their potential customers seek renewable energy solutions for a variety of financial and environmental reasons. They provide solar power generation equipment that can, under certain circumstances, increase a home’s resale value, reduce energy bills and improve the environment. In addition to home energy evaluation services, they provide products like rooftop solar panels, solar powered and energy efficient air conditioners, efficient insulation and more. Information can be found by visiting

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