My mother says I look a lot like Poonamji - Krystle Dsouza


Krystle D'souza, the charming and gorgeous actress who plays Sakshi in Sony Entertainment Television’s unique saas bahu saga ‘Ekk Nayi Pehchaan’ is quite unlike her on screen image in real life. She has an infectious laugh and loves chatting about her favorite things. We catch up with the charismatic actress for a candid chat:

What did you liked about Ekk Nayi Pehchaan?
What I liked about the show is that my character Sakshi. I was offered many roles but all were similar to my previous roles. Here my character is outspoken and bubbly, unlike my previous character who would think 100 times before speaking. Sakshi is also funky in her dressing. I start out with Western outfits, but get married early and move to Anarkali suits.

How is your experience working with Poonam Dillon?
Poonam Dhillon plays my mother-in-law in the show. She is someone I have always admired for her looks. In fact my mother says I look a lot like Poonamji. It’s a wonderful experience working her. I get a lot to learn from her.

 The show focuses on women education, your take on this?
 For me, education is very important. It opens up panoramas of life and makes it easy for you to deal with it, because if you learn from other people's experiences, it enhances your life. Education is a daily development. It's not about the degrees but about the kind of person it makes one. I feel it makes a human being complete and comprehensive.

 What did you do in your break?
 I indulged in a lot of spa treatments and massages during my break. I was in London for Diwali  where I was part of a show with Karan Tacker. I travelled a lot and had so much fun.

 Are you in touch with your previous costars?
 The actress admits that she hasn’t been able to keep in touch with most of the cast and crew of her previous show, but does try to catch up whenever possible. Some of them have gone off on a vacation, some are in their hometown so it’s tough to keep in touch, but I try to catch up over the phone at times. Karan Tacker and Anupam Bhattacharya are the only co-stars I have been regularly in touch with.



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