It has been reported that a major bulk of the cases of illness is triggered by the prolonged exposure to pests. This new bid of information was posted recently by a registered medical authority in America. A leading pest control company has recently made its announcement that it shall be offering its services at a discount rate to ensure that every household is made pest free by the end of this year.

The Company going by the name My Private Exterminator Inc. has recently made its announcement in Brooklyn, promising its residences that it shall make the area pest free. The company has been previously known for making major contributions to the safety and health of the entire community of not just Brooklyn but also the entire community New York. The pest control New Yorkcampaign started by the company many years ago has culminated in a lot of interest in this pressing issue among the residents. It has been said that not many home owners are aware of the major health hazards this can cause among the inmates of the house, especially in homes where there are small kids.

There has been a lot of controversy recently in New York about the pest negligence by landlords. Tenants have complained about the prevalence of pests in the apartment buildings and not much attention and response can be received from the other end. The company My Private Exterminator Inc. has shared its concerned and has announced that it shall also be offering an additional discount to apartment buildings and condominiums. The company has become a household name in all of New York, improving every year with experience and its expert team, offering only the best that the area has to offer. As a front-runner in the industry, the company has also been acknowledged by the public for its major contributions to the city. To get more information please go to

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My Private Pest Killer Inc. has been a leading company that has been offering its undisputed services to the residence in New York and Brooklyn. The company has been recently lauded for major contributions in making the area pest free.



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