I still remember my first and only experience of a flight simulator. This experience was given to me as part of my job. No, I’m not a pilot but I still got to experience a simulator as part of a project. The experience was amazing, to say the least and it is an experience I’ll never forget in my life. So when I came to know that one can buy flight simulator I immediately went ahead and purchase one. Honestly, my gaming experience has never been better since.


Let me narrate my experience of the flight simulator that happened in 2003. We were a group that was divided into two because there were two simulators. I’ll not go into further details about this because it’s not required. Our group entered a large room with two box-like structures in the middle of the room. We were standing on a railing in an elevated position that was then connected to the boxes with horizontal ladders. On reaching the box we were asked to enter it by opening the door.


The moment I entered it was a different world I had entered into. I was in an aircraft cockpit, something that I would always crane to watch in an aircraft when they opened the cockpit door. There were buttons everywhere — in front of us, on the ceiling and behind us. And there were two chairs that could be moved to any side. There were different panels that blinked in different coloured lights and in front of us, through the front glass panel, we could see the virtual runway of an airport (LAX if I’m not mistaken). Then an instructor arrived and he flew the flight.


The experience was magical. We felt the same pull effect when the flight speeded up before takeoff; we felt the same adrenalin rush when the flight took off and we also saw the night sky as it would in an actual flight. The instructor explained the different nuances of flying and he showed us how conditions can be altered on a computer panel for testing pilots. Finally he landed the aircraft and we were back on ground. And all this happened virtually. There are many smaller details of this flight simulator that I wouldn’t get into but that was the moment when I decided I would buy flight simulator given a chance.


Of course a flight simulator used to cost much, much more earlier on because these machines were used for professional purposes only. But when virtuality gaming became popular someone had the good sense to create simulators for game lovers. Today one can buy flight simulator online and have it delivered home at no extra cost. Even professional pilots use simulators to practice flying. The experience is almost like real and the technology is fantastic.


If you want the experience of flying don’t think twice and buy flight simulator. Your flight simulator is bound to give you an experience your friends and you will never tire of.

flight simulator is something you don’t see in homes ordinarily. Go ahead and buy flight simulator and experience the magic of the gadget.