China, March 29, 2014: A new WiFi router software is going to revolutionize the wireless networking domain with its powerful features and extended service range. My WIFI Router uses an exceptional technology and which can convert a PC into a WiFi hotspot. The software is available for free download on the website, and one can use it to share the internet on multiple devices, in one click. 

The software is supposed to bring several types of benefits in an enterprise. An internet sharing environment can be used for file sharing in a better and safe manner. It also helps creating a LAN-based chat room, which can enhance the employee interaction level and can promote the work efficiency in an organization. Moreover, the software can be used as a WiFi extender which can enhance the range of internet connectivity. There are several unique features that make it the best free WiFi software available today in the industry. 

With this new software, one can enjoy WiFi connectivity with an unlimited hotspot uptime and it can help sharing files and folders smoothly between the connected devices. The company spokesperson reveals that the software can be very useful in the modern office environment where fast and smooth data sharing directly contributes to better the work efficiency. “Moreover, it comes with the capabilities of creating customizable WiFi hotspots. One can choose a name and password for a particular network and can define the user accessibility. This way, it helps create a safe WiFi network.” 

There are several well-thought of features in the software that can encourage users to opt for this free download My WIFI Router. One can manually configure hotspot internet settings and can check the details of the connected devices with their IP address and Mac address. This way, one can easily track down any unauthorized device that is accessing the network. With enhanced security features, the software is soon going to be a favorite WiFi connectivity solution for the modern enterprises. To learn more about the software and for downloading it for free, one may visit the website


The website offers My WIFI Router for free download, which is virtual WiFi router software for converting PCs and laptops into a WiFi Hotspot. The software has several unique features and allows creating a WiFi Hotspot with one click. 

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