ebook by first-time author Anne Alden captures both the excitement and murky side of living overseas

The story is set in Asia in the late 1990's and is seen through the eyes of Lacey. Her husband is offered a job in Taiwan and they decide to accept it. Lacey is going to live like a queen. She will have a driver, cook, maid and paid vacations. This world is full of excitement, new experiences, feng shui, underground cities, lies, misconceptions and heartbreak. She meets a man named Steve...

"Though I've not lived overseas for long periods, I travel for weeks at a time often--especially in Asia. I could really identify with the author's angst and sense of wonder at a new place and a completely different culture. The book was well written and I enjoyed it," says Jeff Duperon who purchased the Kindle edition of Expat! http://www.amazon.com/EXPAT-Anne-Alden-ebook/dp/B00IJPY220/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1392890874&sr=8-1&keywords=Expat+anne+alden

Anne Alden is a seasoned expatriate having lived in Mexico City, Taipei, Tokyo and Bangkok.. She has written a fascinating fictional story about expat life. Ms. Alden established a crisis prevention hotline for expats in Bangkok and also worked on the Tokyo English Life Line (TELL). She currently teaches parenting in her local community.