August 27, 2013: There’s an old adage that says first impressions make lasting impressions, but representatives with Mystique Boutique NYC say the items they’ve placed on sale will not only make a lasting impression, but an unforgettable impression. 

Mystique Boutique, which was founded by two brothers and run today by the founders’ daughters, has placed more than 170 items on sale, making it possible for customers to save $15, $20 or more per item. 

“Mystique Boutique NYC is a fashion forward clothing store where women can get the hottest styles at an affordable price,” a company spokesman said. 

The company, which recently began working with SEO Pledge, a New York SEO firm, has marked items down, such as its Maxi dress. 

The Maxi dress, according to the company spokesman, has a wonderful chalk to ash color, which gives customers the freedom to have fun accessorizing whether it be with a simple hat and bag or a belt paired with a thin sweater. 

“You will look great either way,” the company spokesman said about the 100 percent rayon dress that has been marked down from $32.99 to $9.99. 

“Mystique Boutique NYC carries an exceptional selection of today’s fashions, always revolving and always in style for our trend savvy shoppers,” the spokesman stressed. 

As for what to expect when arriving on Mystique Boutique NYC’s website, shoppers will be treated to a variety of items on sale, such as scarf’s, sun glasses, jewelry, stockings, hats, intimates, shoes, and more. 

“We also have some super cute pieces for this fall season, and we are all so stoked to share them with you,” the spokesman said. “Check out that pleather sleeved hoodie, or how about that cute crop top with blue leggings? Shop online today and save for the fall season.” 

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