World Wide Web, 11-DECEMBER-2015 — The Naddiks alternative rock band is pleased to announce that they have just released two new singles entitled “Stop.Listen&Love” and ‘Heart of Fire’. The Naddiks are a Canberra based three-piece pop-punk band founded in early 2009 by  lead singer song writer Joel Steenbergen. Other band members are Nick Steenbergen, younger brother of Joel who is the drummer, and Kurt Schiffer is the bass player and backup vocalist. Nick Steenbergen took the place of Shaun Buchannan who left the band after recording “Amber Sun” late in 2011.

The group is interested in promoting ways to prevent cyber bullying, in part because of some of the personal experiences of Joel Steenbergen. The new song 'Stop, Listen & Love'  is about a person being bullied to the point of self-harming.

They are teamed with a  boutique artist-label Band Express. Their second single, 'Heart of Fire' is about finding a new passion through faith, in fact, being the answer to the questions asked in Stop.Listen&Love.

The earlier release by The Naddiks 21CB, which is a very personal relating of the internal struggles of Joel as a teenager. He turned from a path of self-destruction into new hope. In May of 2015, 21CB received the coveted Akademia Award for the best Alternative Rock EP.

“Amber Sun” from 2013, has received both digital and live play on local radio stations throughout  Australia as well as both digital and live play in Canada, Germany, USA, UK and Poland. The Naddiks were named Artist of the Month in November on 2XX Local n Live. Having toured in Australia in recent years and opened National Youth Week Expo the last two years.

The group is influenced by punk, proto-punk and rock notables such as Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and ACDC as well as more recently The Vines, Arctic Monkeys and British India. Their music is raw, energetic, their show an unrelentingly spectacle of sound movement and power cords.

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Richard Schiffer
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