14, December 2015:“The report details our strong, industry-leading commitment to business practices that are socially and environmentally responsible,” said Nakajima Holdings Chairman and COO Michael J. Kenkichi. “We believe there is both a business imperative and a moral obligation to look beyond our own practices to support responsible behavior throughout the entire financial industry.”

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OurCorporate Responsibility Report and website has been redesigned and revamped. The Company’s CSR report and website have been redesigned to ensure the information continues to be meaningful, robust and allows us to connect to our diverse stakeholders on the issues they care about.

TheCorporate Responsibility Report provides an overview of Nakajima Holdings’ most important environmental and social challenges, with a focus on responsible investing.

Unique within the investment industry, we have taken an innovative approach to our sourcing by forming direct relationships with many of the clients.

Governance: Nakajima Holdings’ commitment to corporate social responsibility continues to be led by Chairman and CEO Michael J. Kenkichi as well as by the CSR Committee of the Company’s Board of Directors.

Building Footprint: Further demonstrating our commitment to developing and exceeding quantifiable environmental goals, Nakajima Holdings set a goal to reduce our global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 15%. Exemplifying our dedication to reducing our environmental footprint in the locations in which we work, the Company had installed energy efficient LED lighting in.

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Nakajima Holdings (nakajima-holdings.com) is one of the most respected investment advisors on the financial markets. Relationships matter to us. The company provides a broad range of products and services to its clients, all backed by a commitment to excellent service. Their offering comprises a pragmatic active investment range, best of breed multi-manager solutions, as well as smart alternative asset management. The portfolios are managed in line with the pragmatic value investment approach, with the objective of providing real returns to the company clients. Nakajima Holdings offers management expertise across a comprehensive range of segregated and pooled portfolios.

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