14 August, 2014: People who want to enjoy a hilarious journey to a woman’s mind will never want to miss this excellent show titled, Evolution of a Love Addict. This is a one woman show written and performed by Natasha Dixon. The show already been organized in several cities across the USA, including Los Angeles and San Jose and has widely been appreciated by the audience. Natasha is going to present her show in San Francisco on 19th October, 2014, and the sale of tickets is now open for the audience.

Evolution Poster

Natasha McCrea presents the tale of a woman and depicts her journey through the world of dating, love and divorcing and finally finding the soul mate that could mean everything to her. Maintaining funny presentation ability, she makes her audience to enjoy and also learn all about a woman’s psyche. The audience can understand the complexities of a relationship and how a perfect person can transform one’s life completely and positively.

Wherever Natasha presented her show, people liked it and praised her talent of giving a vivid presentation of a woman’s mind. For many men, her show could be an interesting platform to find an answer to the pertinent question of what women want. At the same time, the story and the poetry that she presents on stage motivates many women. A woman often gets the necessary inspiration to move ahead in life, overcoming all mental or emotional paradoxes that she may come across in life.

In San Francisco, her show will be held at Pa’ina Lounge and the timings will be 3.30 — 5.30 pm and 6.30 — 8.30 pm. One can take advantage of early discounts and can book the tickets as early as possible. The two-hour show will enthrall the audience present at the theater and will help them explore the new dimensions of the man-woman relationships. Like her previous shows, tickets are expected to be sold fast, and for booking a ticket one may visit the website www.evolutionofaloveaddict.com.

About Natasha Dixon:

Natasha Dixon has been into filmmaking since a very early age. She has worked with several award winning filmmakers and directors and has starred in several popular shows as well. She has also been associated with the Houston Sun as an entertainment columnist. Natasha has also written a children’s book, titled “The Adventures of Jordan”. The show of Evolution of a Love Addict, written and performed by her has brought her name and fame in the recent times.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Natasha Dixon
Website: www.evolutionofaloveaddict.com