A National Tax Reports article by Frank Ellis now shows how getting a W-2 form online is faster.

Aug 8, 2015 — An article published by tax advisor and author Frank Ellis reveals how taxpayers can receive their 2015 W-2 form faster on the Internet. Now posted on the National Tax Reports website, the article discusses the importance of the document. Employers report income earned by individual employees. Various other information is also used to determine how much is owed to the IRS during tax season.

While January 31 is the deadline for sending the form out, people don’t always receive it on time. Taxpayers traditionally had to wait and receive it by mail. The author reveals that third party companies have made W-2’s available online. Even military personnel have this option. The services of payroll or W-2 distribution firms, according to the article, enable employees to look their form up on the Web, reduce paper usage, and file their taxes sooner.

Also, the article goes on to tell how people can find their W-2 online. TurboTax w-2 import and H&R Block w-2 import are mentioned as useful services for importing information from the form into a tax return. Finding out if the form is available is as simple as a search using one’s Employee Identification Number and last gross payment. If it is, the W-2 can be downloaded, printed, and included with other tax forms, the author says.

The article also points out multiple copies can be printed. It also warns taxpayers they won’t receive the form in the mail once locating it online, so it’s important to include it with all tax return materials.

To read more about finding W-2 forms online, go to http://nationaltaxreports.com/how-to-get-your-w-2-form-faster-online/.

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