Paton Marketing Launches “Dominate Your Industry” Radio Program to Provide Invaluable Content for Clients

Miami, December 4, 2014 — Todd Paton, founder and President of Paton Marketing, one the nation’s foremost search engine optimization (SEO) firms, is in the trenches virtually every day with Google, the 800-pound gorilla of search engines. Understanding that Google only wants the most relevant websites on page one, it’s Patton’s job to determine, on a daily basis, what the search engines favor or technically known as Google’s “algorithm.”

“It’s no secret that in today’s Google world, content is king,” said Paton. “The real challenge is creating and delivering quality content. That’s why we came up with the concept of a radio show, “Dominate Your Industry” which airs Monday nights at 10:00 P.M. EST on 880 The Biz.  It’s an innovate way to create content for our clients while providing listeners with some real-life information to help their businesses.”

Aside from the primary goal of delivering content for clients, Paton said the purpose of the show is to get inside the heads of these recognized business leaders so the listening audience can learn from their experiences.

“We are going to focus a great deal on marketing issues and hopefully, our listeners can take away some tips to help improve their efforts as well as save money with their own marketing campaigns,” Paton added. “Guests who are clients of our firm, will not only get an audio tape of the show, but we transcribe it so as they can put it on their websites. This translates to rich content that will be invaluable to their SEO efforts.”

Recent guest, Paton Marketing client Jeffrey Shavitz, President of Alternative Merchant Processing praised Paton for the results they have been receiving.

“The show was very enlightening and we anticipate it will add to the outstanding search results that Paton Marketing has delivered,” said Shavitz.  “We’re seeing results on keyword and search inquires on a daily basis that are translating directly to sales.”

Paton said the show also provides an opportunity for him and his staff to learn more about their clients’ respective industries.

“Dominate your industry has been the mantra of Paton Marketing the day we opened our doors six years ago,” added Paton. “We settle for nothing less for our clients who hold that same goals and objectives.  It’s a partnership that’s working like a finely tuned instrument and we continue to make beautiful music together.”

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