In an era when almost everything people consume are labeled as ´fast‘ and ´easy‘, dietitians and nutritionists surely got tons of work to do. Not surprisingly, natural health programs are being considered by many as there are various career opportunities waiting for qualified graduates. Moreover, it‘s the sweetest way to gain a career while taking care of your own physique. If you‘re into natural health and particular about what you east, the International Career Institute‘s (ICI) natural health courses are your best bet.

ICI, a leading provider of distance learning courses, offers natural health programs in three levels. First is the natural health certificate course that takes about fourteen weeks to complete. The certificate level is perfect for people who want to study natural health for personal reasons but also open about developing a career in this field. Securing entry-level positions in hospitals, private clinics, healthcare facilities and weight management centers is highly possible after course completion.

If you want more in-depth study, take the natural health diploma level which can be finished in around twenty four weeks of learning. ICI also offers advanced diploma level for individuals who are really serious about this career. The advanced diploma level may take about thirty one weeks to complete. Note that the time frames mentioned vary by the effort and time that the student can render for the program. This is distance learning after all so you have control over your study periods and submission schedules.

Graduates of ICI‘s natural health programs soon find themselves working as nutritionists and weight loss consultants. They help people get back in shape through proper eating. They suggest healthy food and come up with a unique plan for each client. Part of ICI‘s natural health course outline are modules in nutrition, weight loss, diet, obesity, food processing, detoxification and many other important subjects in food and nutrition. You will also get training on counseling, creating plans and providing consultations.

Aside from being employed part time or full time in clinics and other health-related establishments, natural health graduates can also start their own private consultancy. Note that qualifications and certifications for health professionals in one area may not be the same in another location so be sure to do your research prior to applying for a job or practicing. Allow ICI to help you fast track a natural health career through its comprehensive, convenient and affordable programs.