Orlando, FL — December 03, 2015 — Aging is a process that many people have the opportunity of reaching or enjoying. While it is a sign of longevity, the aging process may not be very easy to deal with. There are symptoms of aging that are undesirable and detrimental to health. The good news is that there are natural remedies available for individuals who suffer from lumbar spondylosis.

Natural remedies for lumbar spondylosis are finally revealed. This condition is also known as low back arthritis, and even if it’s not curable, there are ways for sufferers to live a better life with it. This is the most common arthritis in the spine, and is often called  ‘wear and tear” arthritis.

The aging process results in the reduction in the levels of the naturally-occurring substance called glucosamine in the body. Glucosamine is believed to lubricate the joint cartilage as well as repair and protect it from damage.

Wear and tear in the spinal joints doesn’t just develop from aging, but also other causes such as excess weight, overuse, injury, or prolonged poor posture. There can be painful symptoms but there are also sufferers who go symptom-free.

Sufferers may experience varying severity of symptoms. These symptoms include stiffness, joint pain, tenderness, joint deformity, and painful spinal joint movement. Individuals who suffer from these symptoms often live a reduced quality of life.

Arthritis sufferers often experience pain and inflammation, and other symptoms mentioned above. They resort to the use of pain relief medications to improve their overall condition. While these medications offer temporary pain relief, they do not address the possible root cause of the problem.

What makes the use of these pain relief medications even more disadvantageous is that is linked with the development of side effects. The risk of these undesirable effects is even higher when the medications are used on a long-term basis.

To live with the condition more easily, sufferers may resort to certain measures recommended by experts. When they are in pain, they need to respect it and rest. It is similarly important that they don’t over-stress their joints, and this can be done by avoiding activities such as lifting or jogging.

Just like the natural measures recommended for arthritic conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, sufferers should also manage a healthy weight. They can do this by engaging in regular exercise, especially those that reduce their pain and support their spine.

Glucosamine, which is a popular natural alternative for arthritis sufferers, is also recommended for individuals with lumbar spondylosis (www.amazon.com/Glucosamine-Sulfate-Supplement-2000mg-serving/dp/B0126ZF0B0/).
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