London, UK — Naturally Africa, is a premiere tour operator specialising in tailor made safaris, holiday trips and tours for once in a lifetime adventures across southern, East, central and West Africa. The company is pleased to announce their recently updated website, with features that make planning and booking a trip to Africa fast and effortless. The company has also added new countries and sites to their featured itineraries to make any visitor’s exploration of Africa fun, exciting and a trip to remember.

Naturally Africa specialises in allowing individuals, families and groups the ability to explore all of the unique sights and sounds that can be found in Africa. Whether one values the opportunity to get up close when viewing wildlife, would prefer to relax on the beach, or perhaps just wants a memorable, magical destination for the perfect wedding or honeymoon, the travel experts at this company can help anyone plan a wondrous visit. Their new website provides several sample itineraries to help make planning an African get away easy, as well as providing a blog with recent articles about African travel.

Naturally Africa provides more than just itineraries and travel arrangements to those who wish to explore and sample Africa. This tour operator prides itself in their ability to provide professional travel advisers, who have personally circumnavigated the African continent and will ensure that each traveler’s itinerary will allow them to tour both the most sought after destinations, as well as those special hidden gems that are off the beaten path and known only to locals, during their tour in Africa. By providing a professionally trained staff that have years of experience living and working in Africa, the company ensures that their guests will get to savor the best sights and sounds of the continent while also travelling in a safe and responsible manner. In addition to professional tours, activities, comfortable accommodations and transportation, the agency can also provide travel insurance for UK travelers.

Naturally Africa provides travelers with so many options when planning the perfect African getaway; it can be difficult to choose just one. Three of their most popular destinations include Namibia, Tanzania and Madagascar. Animal lovers enjoy watching the herds of elephants, black rhinos, lions, cheetah and leopards while on safari at Namibia’s Etosha National Park. Other travelers that prefer more of a challenge can experience a wide range of climates and terrains as they climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Travelers that just want to take a break might enjoy swimming or scuba diving in the turquoise waters off Madagascar’s pristine beaches. Of course, these three choices are just a small sample of the hundreds of possible combinations that can be developed with a tailor made tour of Africa.

To find out more about how this company can help make traveling in Africa easy, adventurous, safe and memorable, please visit the company’s website at

About Naturally Africa

Naturally Africa was founded by Marc Crouch in 2004. Crouch has lived and traveled extensively in Africa for many years. During one of his more memorable trips he went on an extended journey and literally drove from the UK to South Africa. During his adventure, he traveled through more than 30 African countries as he drove across the northern part of the African continent and then down the eastern side to South Africa, before returning up the western side of the continent. This allowed him to explore more well-known destinations in Africa as well as to discover the little known, stunning secret sites that remain hidden to most of the western world. In addition to his travels, Crouch has extensive experience as a wildlife expert from his years of working at some of the most prestigious wildlife refuges in Africa. Crouch has successfully helped thousands of travelers to enjoy their travels throughout Africa.

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