22 August, 2014: British company Naturetrek, which specialises in wildlife and nature breaks, is offering its customers the chance to take part in a tailormade wildlife holiday to the Hampshire Downs for prices starting at £295 per person.

Renowned as one of the most naturally beautiful regions of England, the Hampshire chalk downs are known for their high incidence of wildlife, both animal and plant. The tailormade wildlife holiday currently being offered by Naturetrek focuses on the latter in particular, and is therefore likely to please budding botanists looking closer to home for a floral foray.

Taking place over the course of one weekend, this tailormade wildlife holiday to Hampshire gives plant enthusiasts the chance to spot a wide variety of British plant species, including Musk, Frog & Twayblade Orchids and Yellow Wort. In addition, wildlife enthusiasts will not feel left out either, as the tour does offer the chance to spot quite a few different types of bird and butterfly, as well as other animals endogenous to the area.

Participants in this tailormade wildlife holiday will also benefit from the expertise of specialised and dedicated guides, which will help draw their attention to the particularities and intricacies of the Hampshire plant and animal life. The knowledge and information imparted by these guides is sure to give the tour through the chalk downs an added dimension, and will undoubtedly make it even more attractive to nature enthusiasts wanting to explore the best their own country has to offer.

Additionally, being based in Alresford, Hampshire themselves, Naturetrek have particularly in-depth knowledge of this region, which should further help make this tour of interest to botanists and animal lovers across the United Kingdom.

Fees for this three-day tour start at £295 per person (with two people sharing) and include half-board accommodation and expert guiding.

About Naturetrek:

Naturetrek offer tailor-made wildlife and nature holidays in some of the world’s premier natural resorts. The different focuses and approaches to the natural world that Naturetrek’s expertly guided holidays exhibit has helped them stand out in the tailor-made nature holiday market! Visit their website at http://www.naturetrek.co.uk/.

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