22 August, 2014: The latest tailormade wildlife holiday to be offered by wildlife tour specialist Naturetrek takes customers of the British company to Brazil, specifically to the heart of the sprawling Amazon rainforest. The tour will go on the hunt for five of the main types of mammal endogenous to the South American country and that particular ecosystem. 

Brazil is internationally known for its colourful and diverse fauna, mostly found in the Amazon rainforest. The many exotic species endogenous to that eco-system have long constituted one of the main points of interest about Brazil for wildlife enthusiasts. Thanks to Naturetrek’s new Brazilian holiday package, these nature lovers will now have the chance to try and spot these species up close and personal. 

The focus of this tailormade wildlife holiday, which was inspired by the BBC2 three-episode documentary Wild Brazil, are five of the most popular staples of Brazilian wildlife: the Brazilian tapir, the giant ant-eater, the maned wolf, the giant river otter and, of course, the jaguar. Together with the golden lion tamarin and the alligator, these represent a cross-section of the best-known species from the Amazon rainforest, and constitute some of the main points of interest for wildlife lovers visiting Brazil. 

Naturetrek’s tailormade wildlife holiday to the Brazilian rainforest lasts for 17 days, giving participants plenty of time to become acquainted with the different species of animal and wildlife the rainforest is known for. The expert guides employed by Naturetrek to assist participants in this exploration of the Amazon help add to the experience, with their professional insight and in-depth knowledge of the region. Their presence undoubtedly helps to make an already unforgettable holiday that much more memorable. 

Prices for this tailormade wildlife holiday to the Amazon rainforest in Brazil start at £5,995 per person (with two people sharing). These rates include accommodation, most meals, and professional guides. 

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Naturetrek offer tailor-made wildlife and nature holidays in some of the world’s premier natural resorts. The different focuses and approaches to the natural world that Naturetrek’s expertly guided holidays exhibit has helped them stand out in the tailor-made nature holiday market! Visit their website at http://www.naturetrek.co.uk/

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