Using Crowd Funding as a springboard, Nautilus Nutritionals plans to thank their customers by providing them with up to eight new energy products made up of the high quality healthy ingredients that they want

Nautilus Nutritionals, a company creating the next generation of healthy and affordable energy products, is further committing to its mission to create nutritional products by working to make up to eight energy products including powders, gummy chews and hemp supplements.

Since Nautilus Nutritionals is so deeply obligated to helping their customers live healthy lifestyles, the company contributes a portion of their profits to charities and non-profits working to end Type 2 Diabetes. Not only do a portion of sales go to Type 2 diabetes prevention and management charities, but Nautilus Nutritionals is so dedicated to healthy lifestyles that they will also match any customer donations made to those charities through the Nautilus Nutritionals website.

More than just the PowerShot energy bar product, Nautilus Nutritionals is working hard to provide their customers with a wide array of nutritional energy products. Through crowd funding, and the promise to deliver exactly the healthy food products their customers need, Nautilus Nutritionals is planning on making up to eight new sugar free, all natural, nutritional products.

These new products will come in different flavors and can be used as a nutritional supplement to gain more energy naturally. One of the many benefits of crowdfunding is the customer; those who support Nautilus Nutritionals can demonstrate their support for a line of products that meet their needs. People are always looking for a way to support a healthy lifestyle while improving their own, and Nautilus Nutritionals is the perfect way to do just that!

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