Krowdhustle a global Crowdfunding consultancy will work to elevate Nautilus Nutritionals to the height of exposure and will make Nautilus Nutritionals and their products including the new PowerShot a household name

Nautilus Nutritionals, a company creating the next generation of healthy energy products, is expanding their reach and audience base. They are accomplishing this goal by working with Krowdhustle the global crowdfunding campaign specialists.

Krowdhustle, an international public relations firm based in the United Kingdom, will be providing PR and marketing, campaign management and strategy delivery for Nautilus Nutritionals’ food, nutrition, and health divisions.

Krowdhustle will work to promote the new PowerShot energy product and all of the health benefits a person can get from consuming Nautilus Nutritionals’ line of products. Krowdhustle a Cura Media Ltd. Company will also provide social media management to create engagement and meaning and value to potential customers and to build a positive and inspiring brand for the company.

Cura Media Ltd. is lead by Sherile Turner, a Media Specialist with over 20 years experience in Brand management, Product development and Sponsorship.

Krowdhustle will work with Nautilus Nutritionals to develop the brand awareness and recognition for the energy product “PowerShot”, which is a dissolvable powder with no added sugar and made from organic natural ingredients.

Nautilus Nutritionals and the PowerShot brand are the brainchild of Greg Gomez, and after many months of research, and many trials and errors Greg has finally come up with the perfect blend for a range of energy products by using Superfoods, natural caffeine and a range of vitamins and minerals.

With the help of Krowdhustle and the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, Nautilus Nutritionals and the PowerShot energy product will be a household name.

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