UK: One of the most well established and respected suppliers of nitrous oxide automobile systems has today announced a huge increase in sales thanks to the release of the latest 2014 Need for Speed movie. For whatever reason, this Hollywood blockbuster has incited thousands of people all over the country to consider the feasibility of pimping their ride. While Akamoto specialises in all aspects of car modification, it appears their most successful lines at the moment include nitrous kits, exhaust flame kits and fake dump valves, all of which are proving incredibly popular with the general public.

The Need for Speed franchise has been around for years now in the form of exciting computer racing games, and thrilling police pursuit games. So, it makes sense that people are getting very excited about their latest move onto the big screen. Companies like Akamoto are happy such popularity has been achieved, as it means their potential takings this year could more than double. Of course, there are a number of competitors within the industry, but none can match up on either price or quality of service, which is why this firm is the only one reaping the benefits from the new release.

Akamoto performance parts are sourced from some of the best and most reliable manufacturers in the world, and so customers and clients can rest assured they’re always getting the creme dela creme of automobile modification tools whenever ordering through their website. On top of that, there’s lots of interesting information and many photographs for your perusal, alongside a rather hefty street racing archive that even the most strapped for time individuals amongst you won’t be able to resist.

The modifications kits available from Akamoto at the moment have all been lovingly put together on site in their large workshop, which is why you know for certain you won’t be disappointed with any orders you make. Also, the team are more than happy to discuss any concerns, issues or questions you may have ahead of time on the phone, via email, or through whichever means suits you best. Akamoto aim to make your entire experience as simple and hassle free as possible, so if you feel their services could be improved upon or you have any suggestions for the team, they’re more than willing to listen and take all your information on board.

It’s important to stay flexible in any industry of this nature, and that’s one of the main reasons why Akamoto has become so successful.

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