Need for Speed World Hack is an all-important tool that has a collection of 12 hacks. These 12 hacks offer its services for different purposes. Some of the hacks have proven indispensable for races while others are used for unlocking different features of the game. 

Individuals can make use of the following hacks for races: 

1. The perfect start — this is highly useful for shifting the gear although it also comes in handy for automatic purposes. 

2. Speed hack — Users have absolute control over it. It offers +50 per cent acceleration and speed. 

3. Tank mode- this offers +100 per cent mass of the car without anything to do with the other functions of the car. It is perfect for pursuit modes. 

4. Wall hack — this hack helps the car to pass through nearby objects by removing the textures from the objects. This makes the road wider by removing all obstacles along the way like streetlights, pavements, pedestrian refuge, etc. 

5. Ghost mode — users have absolute control over it, turning it on and off at will. With this help, users can disappear from police radars and also from plain sight. 

6. Power up hack — it gives an endless supply of power ups. It also offers cool time that is two times shorter than what is normally available and yet twice more effective than before. 

The remaining 6 hacks are used in games to unlock almost all the available instances of the features of the game. It includes performance parts, all achievements, all skills mods, unlock all cars, unlock all maps and unlock car slots. Using the Need for Speed World Hack has become very easy, all thanks to the user-friendly interface. All that is needed for the users to do is to choose the hacks the user wants to apply and then click the ‘add hacks’ button. For more information please go to 


Need for Speed World Cheats helps players to get the right hacks. It also offers all information about how to procure and use the hacks.