Kick Mats, the newly released deluxe two-pack car seat back protectors from distributor Freddie and Sebbie, is now exclusively available on 

Kick Mats

According to Neil Speight, the Freddie and Sebbie spokesperson, these auto-protective seat covers, designed for most vehicles, keep car seats 100 per cent clean from all the stains and scuff marks left by the kids. 

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“With these protectors, you’ll be making sure you protect your investment, which incidentally comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee,” said Speight. 

“Made to a very high-standard, these kick mats are assured a super-long life,” added Speight of the car seat protectors that are guaranteed to instantly protect car upholstery or leather seats from scuff marks and dirty footprints. 

Benefits to the consumer include: 

- Perfectly designed to fit most vehicles
- Made to the highest standards in quality, safety and reliability
- Durable fabric
- Won’t scratch your car seat
- Lifetime NO-Hassle free replacement guarantee
- Very easy to keep clean
- Child friendly
- It keeps mucky stains, spills and scuff marks off your seats permanently
- Great for keeping your seat clean

This child friendly, very easy to keep clean two-back car seat protectors are also very simple and easy to install. According to the product’s spokesperson, these kick mat protectors per pack give car owners and operators the ability to protect easily both driver and passenger seats without any fuss. 

According to one verified purchaser, Jaime Brungardt, who marvelled at how easy to install and clean it was, noted how “great” the Freddie and Sebbie kick mats work”. Jamie loves the kick mats so much that she further commented that she “would recommend this product and buy (it) again.” 

Another verified purchaser of the Deluxe Kick Mats Car Seat Back Protectors 2 Pack, Amanda (Houston, TX), added that she used “these kick mats to protect the seat backs of our two vehicles for our rear-facing child. He’s a long 1-year-old, so we’re glad his feet aren’t dirtying up our seats. Easy to set up! We have a Ford F-150 and a Ford Escape.” 

“These kick mats come with a lifetime, no-hassle, free replacement guarantee, plus when a person spends $35 or over with us, they immediately qualify for free super saver shipping,” noted Speight. 

If you would like to read more information on these Luxury Kick Mats just visit and type in “Kick Mats Freddie and Sebbie” 

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