Easthampton, MA, December 1, 2014 - The Negotiation Training Institute seeing an increase in requests for Conflict Resolution training from organizations around the country. According to Jim Hornickel, co-founder of parent company Bold New Directions and Director of Training for The Negotiation Training Institute, “Negotiations Training is essential for all professionals in virtually every industry. Negotiation skills are communication skills and improved communication skills certainly diminish conflict from arising” he adds.

Mr. Hornickel’s published book, Negotiating Success outlines tips and tools for building rapport and dissolving conflict while still getting what you want. “Our key Negotiations Training by the same name, Negotiating Success is in constant demand” states Marketing Director Lauren O’Boyle. “Very often, there is an element of conflict that prompts the search for professional Negotiations Training but an assessment call allows us to discover the real issues and goals for Negotiations Training and recommend the right program for each client” Ms. O’Boyle adds.

As Negotiating Success suggests, each and every conversation is also a negotiation of some sort, therefore the better one’s negotiations and communication skills, the stronger and more positive their relationships and interactions will be. Negotiations Training can outline how to improve strategies and outcomes in negotiating anything in your professional and personal life. “Learning a skill set that will serve every interaction and relationship is invaluable and our Negotiations Training programs will teach that skills set” describes Director of Learning for the Negotiation Training Institute, Suzanne Guthrie. The innovative Negotiations Trainings offered by the Institute offer proven advice the participants will refer to again and again both in the workplace and in their personal lives. It offers strategies for minimizing conflict and maximizing positive results for everyone at the table. Our Negotiations Trainings will also teach the following:

* How to use positive psychology to unite parties
* How to expand your emotional intelligence through self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and managing relationships.

Our Negotiations Training will also address:

* Understanding of the four primary negotiating styles and how to work with them.
* How to aim for mutuality and find creative approaches for achieving mutual routes to satisfaction.

It is clear that improving one’s negotiating skills is essential to positive relations and clearer communication. The Negotiations Training we offer through the Institute include: Negotiating Success, Preventing and Dissolving Conflict and Dealing with Difficult People. All of these programs teach the basics of negotiation strategies as they relate to the specific topic.

To learn more about which Negotiations Training program is right for your organization, please contact the Negotiation Training Institute at 1.800.501.1245 or www.negotiationtraininginstitute.com

About Negotiations Training Institute
The Negotiations Training Institute, and its parent company Bold New Directions, were established as global learning companies, involving participants in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world in experiential negotiation training courses that transform the way staff perform at work. The Negotiations Training Institute provides a special negotiation skills training course along with other negotiation skills training to a varied client base which includes companies in 55 industries to date.

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