28, August 2015:


If you were one of Affiliate Partners you would have!! Why aren’t we paying you every month like hundreds of our other Affiliate Partners? The answer is only a click away! It is very simple to get started as a Netcom PaySystem Affiliate. Complete the opt-in form and we’ll contact you for more information on how you can make extra money by referring merchants who are interested in merchant services. We will also explain how you will get paid.

Would you like to make extra money?

The credit card processing sector is a multi-billion dollar industry. Millions of people nationwide have contact with merchants every day. Many of these merchants do not accept credit cards, or pay high rates to their banks for accepting credit cards. Netcom PaySystem provides you with simple, flexible choices for payment on your earnings. Whether you prefer a percentage of the profits for the life of your referred merchant accounts or a fixed compensation per account, we will work with you to determine the best solution to help you earn the most money possible.

The Netcom PaySystem merchant processing affiliate program requires no special technical experience, expertise or knowledge about how merchant accounts work! Our affiliate program is ideal for ISV/SDK individuals and firms, web hosting companies, web designers, consultants, business owners, home workers, marketing companies, accountants and bookkeepers, or anyone with a web site or an online business who wants to make passive/residual income.

How do I track my leads?

Every Affiliate is assigned a unique Affiliate number. This number accompanies every lead that you provide and signifies that the lead belongs to you. Once the lead is converted into an account that is approved and processing; you’ll receive a residual check every month for the life of the account.

I don’t really have time nor know how to sell.

Good news! You do not have to sell anything or do any work to earn commissions. We handle all the sales, customer service and billing. All you have to do is tell your friends, business associates, clients, customers, affiliates and place a link or banner on your web site.

With no sign up cost or long term commitments, why not get started today?


Netcom PaySystem is proud to provide the most up to date and innovative products such as m-Commerce Mobile Solutions, EMV Capability, ISV/SDK and Virtual Terminal Solutions. In addition, the company offers the merchant access to POS Systems, eCommerce, ACH Check Services, Check Guarantee, Recurring Billing, Check21, BOC, Credit and Debit Card Processing, Gift and Loyalty Cards, and Merchant Working Capital.

For more information on products we offer please visit: www.netcompaysystem.com/product-gallery/


Commissions are paid 1 month in the rears on the 29th for as long as the account is processing with Netcom PaySystem. You can earn a one-time commission of $50 or choose our residual program and earn 25%-40% depending on value and numbers of account approved and processing after submission.


Netcom PaySystem goes a step beyond most payment service companies by providing the most in-depth and comprehensive payment solutions in the industry with outstanding customer service. For over 28 years Netcom PaySystem has been on the cutting edge and has branded varies payment solutions to suit your client’s needs.

Netcom PaySystem’s attrition rate is one of the lowest, if not the lowest in the industry. Netcom PaySystem can proudly boast that only 2-4% of our clients ever leave us, and out of that; close to 50% return within the first year.