PA, US - has announced an initiative to offer part of all its proceedings to needy dogs for adoption in the first two weeks of September 2014. is a pet supplies super store that has become a one stop destination for pet owners in the areas of Pa, Maryland, NJ, NY and DC. It also helps connect people with puppies for sale to those who are looking for them, thus becoming a helpful bridge in the process. And now it has taken a step further in helping the adoption cause through this initiative.

There are many cute and furry friends that could do with a home that will be their loving abode. But there are several stumbling blocks along the way, which can be sorted out with some degree of help, especially in the monetary aspect of things. seems to have understood that, which is why it will be donating part of its proceedings to needy dogs for adoption.

The company is already known for its services that stand out from the rest. It has become a reliable medium for those who have puppies for sale and those who would want to bring them home. The company is very clear that it doesn’t breed puppies or kittens for that matter but works as suitable platform for those interested. has professionals working with the company and they can take pictures and videos of the puppies one might have. They are then displayed for those interested. It has similarly made things easier for those who want to buy puppies and they can browse through different categories to find the furry friend they are looking for.


It is a company that advertises puppies for sale in Pa, NY, NJ, Maryland and DC.

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