You probably know that there is no magic formula to creating a profitable e-mail list. Secret method? Nope! There aren't any of these either. Insider secrets? None of these either. These are not going to help you (even if they do exist in some secret box or file). In order to build a profitable email marketing list, your foundation needs to be set and secure. The key to building a highly profitable list is using techniques that have been tested and have produced results. When a new shiny method pops up, we usually jump on that bandwagon, forgetting all the solid techniques that really work. These techniques are tried-and-true because they work. Here are some things you should never forget.

First of all, you have to remember that any real success that you have with your list is going to be based upon the relationships that you build with your subscribers. Is your list small? Perfect! Building a relationship with them will be easy. A large list, or one that is growing, will be a little harder to do. You want everything to be very personable. For instance, a new subscriber should receive a thank you email. Say something like "thanks for signing up" and something personal right afterwards. Let the people know that you have received an email from them if they have responded to something you have sent. If at all possible, get feedback from these people. Little things like this mean a lot to your subscribers. They will stay with you if you stay personable with them.

Set up an automatic responder to double check that someone actually wants to be a part of your list. When people subscribe, using their e-mail, an automated confirmation e-mail should be sent out. The confirmation email is very useful in case the person that has just subscribed has done so by accident, or is actually just curious about what you are offering on your website. If you offer them the ability to opt back out, they might want to stick around because you provided this option. It shows them that you are human, more concerned about them than cash flow. Ironically, this is what will usually raise your profits by quite a lot.

Do not over send to your email list. If you send out several emails each week, this is generally okay. You need to send some good content to your subscribers every 2 to 3 days in an email. This is a generally accepted rule. Despite sounding great, it may not be the best idea. You know your list. You remember all the promotions you have sent. It is your audience. You need to do what they want you to do. If the people on your list do not have the time to read lots of emails, you really should moderate how many you send out each week.

When your sales start to slow or your list numbers drop, it's easy to jump in and start working overtime to try and fix things. People usually find this irritating. If you really want to bring your numbers and sales back up, get back to the basics. There's a good cause for which you have a strong foundation, isn't there? Once you start applying the basics that were the reason for your success in the first place, the speed with which you can turn the situation around will surprise you.

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