New 3-Day Training Program on:
´Media Sales Training‘- (For Print/Electronic/On-line Media)

With the old fashioned Media & Entertainment Industry poised for an explosive growth by plugging into the potential of a young market full of spenders, ´The conSELLtant‘, which specializes in Sales Training programs, has now again, based on the response to this overwhelming market need, organized a new exhaustive program, exclusively catering to this sector.
This ´Exhaustive ´Media Sales Training‘ Program- is exclusively targeted towards the Media Sales Personnel (Field & Telesales) and has been developed by a Leading Media Sales Expert with over 18 years experience in media sales & management, in one of India‘s leading publishing houses, specializing in print, electronic & online media.
The comprehensive 3-Day workshop, covers each step of the sales process, beginning with the duties & responsibilities of a professional media sales person, to understanding of why people advertise, strengths/weaknesses of different media, media mix & how the publication fits in, ad design & factors that influence the buyers decision, right through the preparing of oneself mentally, physically & preparation for the account, all through to a 6 Step Selling Plan, commencing with the right approach that will enable uncover customer needs, presenting the most appropriate solution, enable handling of customer concerns & finally powerful proven closing techniques that will help customers buy. The program will also include a thorough understanding of the different buyer types & behavior patterns and at the end of the program will enable each participant take back a ´Master Plan for Success‘ that could be put to immediate use!

Content of course:
The basic functions of this Media Sales Training Course can be best be described when placed into 3 categories:
1) Knowledge: To provide the participants all material necessary to effectively sell good Advertising Programs, such as Statistics, Visuals, Concepts, Techniques, etc
2) Skills: To provide participants with the Selling Techniques, & the use of the 6 Step Selling Plan effectively, while teaching them to recognize & understand their abilities & personal skills, & to fully develop these skills in order to improve performances & accomplishments
3) Emotional Control: To develop a sense of professionalism in each participant: Appreciation, Positive Attitude, Behaviour, Genuine interest etc

-Duties & Responsibilities of a Professional Media Sales Person
-Relationship/Consultative Selling Approach-It‘s importance in today‘s competitive world!
-The Buying/Sales Process.
-Behavioral Analysis-Understanding Self & Others
-Identifying different buyers
-How & Why people buy
-Why people Advertise? The 3 P‘s Prestige, Profit, Protection
-Understanding the Customer Cycle-Known, Unknown Market & Lost Customers

The Media

The Marketing Mix
Promotion/ Advertising
Types of Advertising-Creative/ Directive
Evaluating/ Understanding Strengths & Weaknesses of various Advertising Media
The basic requirements for a good advertising medium
Media Mix

Effective AD Design

R.A.S.C.I.L.S. Factors
Buyer Reading /Scanning Habits
Attract Buyers
Interest Buyers
Convince Buyers
Prompt Buyers to take action
Visual Impact- (Layout, Size, Colour, Borders etc)
Groups of Buyers-RASPF/ NEDICT

The Sales Call

-Pre Call-Account Preparation & Planning
-Physical/Mental Preparation
-Approach-Phone/In person
-Fact Finding-the Art of Questioning
-Effective Listening
-Proving Value
-Recommendation/Presenting the Solution
-Use of Visual Aids
-Features vs. Benefits-Selling Benefits!
-Handling Customer Concerns/Objections
-Gaining a Commitment/ Closing with Confidence
-Getting the most of your Telemarketing Voice
-Importance of Collecting your Money while yet Keeping the Customer.

Skills Practice

Role Plays
Assessing Self Performance

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The program is therefore a must for all Sales Personnel (front line sales) in media Industry, including Tele Sales & back end operation sales personnel who are keen on fine tuning their existing skills in line with today‘s need for a more consultative or relationship building approach, while enabling one to become more professional & successful in a sales role. Freshers wanting to enter & make a career in Media Sales can also benefit enormously, considering the need for such personnel today.

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