UK; 19, December 2015: It’s a running joke — the stereotypical, slick-talking and unethical used car salesman who tries to push customers into making purchasing decisions they later regret.

Whether it’s overspending, purchasing a vehicle impractical for their needs or simply purchasing a “lemon” — stories abound about how consumers must protect themselves from car salesman.

“I won’t lie — it’s a hurtful image,” says a spokesperson for 4Front Car Sales in Haywards Heath. “It’s always been true that honest, hardworking car salesmen have far outnumbered the bad actors.”

That’s even more the case with the radical transparency that smartphones afford. Now, consumers can compare prices, read reviews and look up all kinds of information — right on the lot and in front of the dealer.

“It’s a game changer,” says the spokesperson.

Ethical car dealerships such as 4 Front Car Sales are coming out ahead in this new world of car sales.

“Just search “4 Front Car Sales Haywards Heath Review” or“4 Front Car Sales Review” to see how it works.

The spokesperson said he and his compatriots are glad for the new transparency, not only because it’s helping fight that age-old image of the slippery used car salesman, but also because it’s directly translating into more sales and more satisfied customers.“Turns out good guys do finish first,” he said.

4 Front Car Sales are the premier used MPV’s, Mercedes and Audi suppliers in South East London and Kent. Based in Mottingham, South East London on the Kent and Surrey border, we serve London, Kent, Surrey, East and West Sussex, Essex and Hertfordshire. More information:

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