05, March 2015: New Age Face Serum Review - Another Hollywood secret was spread all over media in Flint, Michigan and thousands of women are so overwhelmed to try. What’s that secret? The secret to looking gorgeously young just like hot celebrities and famously known public figures, regardless of their outgrown age is already publicized. They say ageless beauty is impossible, but with New Age Face Serum, having flawlessly beautiful skin with cutting that years off is as easy as one, two, three steps! 

Just recent, a press conference gathered by numbers of women all over Michigan, was conducted by a prestigious women magazine or publication about the topic “women and beauty.” During this meeting, they had invited Suzanne Shea, the top endorser of this revolutionary anti-wrinkle breakthrough formula. Miss Shea answered questions about the theme issue and of course, highlighted the newly known and released powerful skin care product, the New Face Age Serum skin care. 

Upon relaunching, Suzanne Shea labeled New Age Face Serum as a skin care that is a beauty without experiencing Botox procedure. It is a scientifically created anti-aging solution proven to work generously and make the skin; 

* Reduction in fine line and wrinkles by 42%
* Increase in skin hydration or moisture by 36%
* Boost up of collagen production in the skin by 28%

She added, this exclusive multi-peptide serum is composed of natural peptides and other intense yet safe and gentle components that are responsible for this age-defying or anti-aging wonder in the skin. These dynamic ingredients function very well after being absorbed deeply to the skin, by activating the skin’s natural plumping abilities and is able to repair or rejuvenate the older and dying skin cells due to aging process and other factors like free radicals that causes skin to age rapidly. 

Moreover, Miss Shea explained that clinical or lab studies have revealed that these multi-peptides particles are the ones acting to produce a youthful glow in the skin at the cellular level, even if the truth is, woman’s age is unstoppable in growing. While promoting, Shea said that New Age Face Serum is a kind of skin care product that forever changes the face of beauty to every woman suffering skin aging. 

Since time is limited, Suzanne Shea left the crowd with an advertisement of New Age Face Serum official website. Since women just can’t get enough, the webpage contain all the amazing facts and essential details about this anti-wrinkle miracle. And challenged all women to find out what is in store that awaits for those who visit or view the page early. 

For more information you can visit this website page: http://skincareanti-aging.com/eyederm-x-vitamin-c-anti-aging-eye-serum-review/ 

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