London, UK; 29, December 2014: There are numerous people across the world who are willing to switch to a healthier smoking alternative, leaving behind the habit of smoking tobacco based products. For all such health conscious populations, a smart app has been launched now that brings all relevant information for people to start vaping. The new vApp not only offers tutorials for beginners, but will also prove helpful in enhancing the experience of the veteran vapers.

vApp is now available on Apple iTunes and Google Play Store, and users can download the app on their iOS and Android devices. The app aims at building an informed community of vapers that can share their experiences, health and other benefits and promote others to quit smoking for a healthy and harmless smoking lifestyle. Powered with the features of social sharing, users can share information and tips to help build a knowledgeable community of the vapers.

According to the creators of the app, Vaping is a fast emerging trend and people need to have proper information when interested in switching and learn everything about it. The app could prove an important source for them, enabling them to get started with vaping in a hassle-free manner. The app guides vapers in starter kits all the way up to coil building and also offers a host of practical knowledge. It also has an Ohm Calculator for mods. Vapers can also use the app to find out the closest store that supplies eJuice, RDAs and other vaping or eCig supplies.

The app has an expert section where users can access to a host of video tutorials from the leading vaping experts that will enable both beginners and experienced vapers to enhance their smoking experience. One can also read blogs to learn more about new vapes and ecig flavors that are introduced from time to time. The app could prove particularly useful for anyone to find a local vape shop in their locality, to connect with the community of the vapers and benefit from the knowledge and experience of the expert vapers. In order to learn more about vApp, one may visit the website

About vApp:

vApp is a new app meant for the vape or ecigarette enthusiasts. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The application provides all information and tips that one may need to start vaping in an informed manner.

One can download the app from the following links:

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