NOVATO, CALIFORNIA, August 11 — There are more food allergies today than there ever have been before. Michelle E. DeBerge’s new bestseller, GSDF Gluten Sugar Dairy Free, enlightens readers with life changing diet solutions for optimum health.

Researchers estimate that up to 15 million Americans have food allergies. This potentially deadly disease affects 1 in every 13 children. Yet when someone is first diagnosed with a food allergy or they are removing these items for health reasons, overwhelmingly they feel limited by their food choices and do not understand how to turn old style recipes into GSDF ones. This book demystifies the gluten, dairy and sugar free way of life and path to health.

You may have even read that celebrities like Billy Bob Thornton is gluten and dairy intolerant, Robin McGraw (Dr. Phil’s wife) has gluten sensitivity as does Jessica Simpson, Katherine, Duchess of Kent and many others. Some may not even be aware that they suffer from food allergies or intolerances.

This book is the first of its kind and addresses all three major food allergies, covering the hidden dangers and guides the reader through the process of stocking their kitchen and cooking their meals.

This book will help readers win the food allergy war!

The GSDF book teaches you about the hidden dangers that you may not be aware of lurking in your food and how to avoid them. It simplifies those concepts for easy understanding and teaches how to look at food in a different way.

Cooking GSDF is simple, there are no weird expensive ingredients or complicated recipes, in fact, readers will discover how to prep their food for the entire week in 2 hours!

There are shopping lists, guides, and conversion tables. Readers discover how to convert standard recipes into delicious gluten, sugar, dairy free ones with ease.

This book guides readers on what to have in the pantry, freezer and even in their fridge! It is filled with some easy recipes also, all aimed to make this GSDF lifestyle easy and approachable. It provides straightforward information and simple solutions. It is the go-to handbook for the food allergy sufferer.

DeBerge told the press, “My purpose for writing GSDF Gluten Sugar Dairy Free is to save lives, help readers to not become crippled by food allergies and have more ease. This book demystifies the gluten, dairy and sugar free way of life and path to health.”

Michelle E. DeBerge is a Foodie, Chef, Professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, America’s Leading Life Redesign Expert, and Best-selling Author.  DeBerge had to become gluten, sugar, dairy free for health reasons and at first, it was a struggle. As she began to study with some of the top alternative care practitioners and began to learn how and what to eat for her health, she struggled to find recipes that were all 3: gluten, sugar and dairy free. Most recipes were normally just free of one of the ingredients. So she began to re-write her cookbooks so all of her recipes are GSDF.

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