TUCSON, AZ, September 1, 2015—Approximately 3.9 million companion dogs enter animal shelters nationwide every year.  Each year, approximately 1.2 million dogs are euthanized. (ASPCA) Karyn Garvin’s new bestseller, Separation Anxiety Versus Containment Phobia: Why Is Your Dog Destructive When You're Gone? helps dog owners turn shelter bound dogs with problematic behavior into dogs with forever homes.

Garvin told the press, “Many dog owners have been led to believe that their dog is suffering from “Separation Anxiety,” when often times nothing could be further from the truth. When Dog Behavior Is Misunderstood, There Is No Cure! Never before has any book gone into as much detail to help dog owners understand all of the reasons why dogs may behave destructively during their owners’ absence. Nor has any book gone to such great lengths to provide you with the solutions you have been searching for.”

This book is dedicated to helping dog owners discover: - At least 20 reasons why dogs may be destructive when they are left home alone - What to do about it - How to prevent it You are also going to learn about another condition, “Containment Phobia,” which affects at least 10% to 15% of our dog population. That is a lot of dogs!!! “Containment Phobia” is almost always misdiagnosed as “Separation Anxiety.” This book is committed to lifting the veil that has clouded the unique attributes and differences of these conditions for far too long.

There are only a handful of people who have been training dogs professionally for as long as Karyn Garvin. She has been a full-time, professional dog trainer since 1977. Garvin's extensive experience has led her to develop The Integrated Approach to dog training which includes spirituality and psychology in addition to science. Karyn Garvin is The “Divine Dog” Trainer.   http://garvinsdivinedogtraining.com/about-karyn/

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