Chiang Mai, Thailand, October 20th, 2015  -  There's a new personal development board game being bringing people together in living rooms and coffee shops around the world.  Better Me - The Game of Growth and Friendship, has players earning points by giving compliments, sharing stories and lessons learned, and committing to real world action after the game, etc.

The creator, Dan O'Donnell, says “I wanted to give people a fun way to learn and grow together.  Many people I talked to were into personal development, but they mainly read books and watched videos alone.  I thought there had to be a more fun way to work on personal development.  So I made this game to be played with friends, family, coworkers etc."

Many of the game cards are designed to spark discussion on topics ranging from improving health habits, to showing appreciation and kindness toward others.  Other cards challenge players to make a written commitment to a specific action after the game.  "We've had players commit to all sorts of interesting things, from sponsoring an orphaned elephant, to giving up sugar, to giving a flower to a stranger.  It's been really fun to watch people take action on their commitments." said O’Donnell.

The game also requires an "accountability partner" and a target date for each commitment.  The accountability partners stay in contact after the game to help ensure the player follows through on the commitment.  O’Donnell pointed out, “At the end of the game you post your commitment sheet up where you’ll see it every day.  On a mirror, or your front door, for example.  But if you do forget about your commitment, that’s what your partner is for.  They’ll check in and remind you, because they wrote down your commitment on their sheet too.”

The game was recently manufactured after over a year of testing and development.  O'Donnell says “The game has been played on at least five continents so far, that I know of.”

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