(Free Press Release) Author Sharifah Hardie used her repeat layoffs and the lessons she learned in the workforce to create her online success as Google‘s #1 ranked “Professional Business Consultant” and host of “Ask Sharifah Radio.”

Los Angeles, CA - August 30, 2010 -- In her new book, And Here‘s Your Box, Author Sharifah Hardie seeks to prove that everything happens for a reason. Hardie believes it was those moments of sheer frustration she experienced through repeat layoffs and workplace disappointments which gave her the strength to utilize the skills she acquired in the workforce.

In today‘s world, with the rising layoffs that are sending unemployment rates soaring there are many people that can relate to this story. This inspiring story And Here's Your Box: If one door closes, another door will open. Just pack your box and keep moving! will leave readers motivated to find their niche and understand that any moment, no matter how small, can change one‘s life.

When asked about her experiences Hardie reminds us that, “a single moment can be powerful and an instant can change the course of history.” In each instance when Hardie was given the news that she was laid off, she was also given a box to collect her personal belongings from her desk. This box is Hardie's only reminder of the job she used to have.

In this inspirational story, Sharifah Hardie, shares how she became Google's #1 Ranked, "Professional Business Consultant," and host of "Ask Sharifah Radio." In And Here‘s Your Box readers first follow Hardie‘s journey through discovering that she may have been meant to be her own boss. Determined to find a job that would not lay her off, Hardie started consulting with other business owners teaching them how to start, grow, brand and market their services. This encouraging story will keep audiences captivated as they read about Hardie and businesses she has worked with along the way.

Hardie not only shares her story, she has also included interviews of nearly one hundred past guests including interview exerts from Wells Fargo, Verizon Small Business, Cox Business, Boost Mobile, Feed The Children, Actor/Producer Dorian Gregory, M Shannon Consulting, Mall of America, and more!

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