A distinguished University of Virginia professor reports that his studies show the brain influences consciousness but does not create it, and that consciousness has been shown to continue for at least some individuals when the brain is no longer able to function.

Bruce Greyson, M.D., The Chester Carlson Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia is quoted in a newly-released book from The Oaklea Press as having said, “The nineteenth century, materialist view that the brain in some miraculous way we do not understand produces consciousness discounts or ignores that consciousness in extreme circumstances can function very well without a brain.”

Findings from Dr. Greyson’s studies are presented that clearly indicate consciousness can continue, and memories can be formed, while the brain is clinically dead or incapacitated. A number of examples are given, which include the recovery of lost consciousness in the moments or days prior to death among people who have been unconscious for prolonged periods of time; complex consciousness ability in some individuals who have minimal brain tissue; complex consciousness in near-death experiences when the brain is not functioning or is functioning at a greatly diminished level; and memories, particularly among young children, accurately recalling details of past lives.

Additional evidence presented suggests the brain functions more like a cell phone or radio receiver and connects our consciousness to and integrates it with our bodies. Stephen Hawley Martin, the book’s author said, “There can be no doubt the brain influences and affects our consciousness—consider what happens when someone drinks too much or is hit on the head—but it is clearly not the actual source of it. This is why our consciousness can and apparently does continue after death of the body.”

The book, “Life After Death, Powerful Evidence You Will Never Die: Second Edition,” has just been released by The Oaklea Press. To get the word out, Amazon is offering the Kindle edition free from February 17 through 22, 2017.

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