Evidence for the connection between diet and cancer prevention has never been stronger. There is an abundance of common food that can make all the difference.

UK (August 20, 2015) — The new book, Take Breast Cancer off Your Menu, connects the dots between breast cancer prevention and nutrition. Not a commonly recommended balanced diet, but the foods that can actually make a difference. Author Hilda Glickman states that her goal is to bring to the attention of women everywhere all the recent research that shows the amazing power of ordinary foods to protect and save people from breast cancer.

Take Breast Cancer off Your Menu is for people who want to prevent breast cancer and people who have had breast cancer and want to prevent it from returning. Glickman wants to be clear though, that the book is not about treating cancer or a substitute for medical treatment.

“There is so much evidence that breast cancer can be prevented nutritionally that it is overwhelming,” Glickman tells us. Health practitioners are realizing that what we do and eat affects our health. This has certainly been the case with regard to heart disease where healthy eating and exercise are highly promoted. Breast cancer was thought to be different but now we know that this too is affected by what we do and what we eat.”

Glickman introduces an abundance of information on breast cancer prevention that includes many commonplace and delicious foods that can be prepared quickly and easily. She tells how the power of phytochemicals found in plants that help protect them can do the same for people.  Glickman explains the role of COX-2 enzyme, foods that help lower free radical damage, foods for raising and lowering insulin, what carototenes can do, the alliums, organic food differences and much more. The book gives a plethora of specific food examples and preparation ideas.

Take Breast Cancer off Your Menu is already gaining supporters. Professor Robert Thomas, Consultant Oncologist from Bedford Hospital states “Well written and well researched...I would agree with the explanation and advice … I would highly recommend it.'

The author touts enjoyment in the process of protecting yourself with delicious foods. “Eating should be enjoyed,” she teaches. “Learning about the latest research on breast cancer and nutrition can be exciting, empowering and satisfying," Glickman adds.

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