Cambridge Mortgage Experts recently established a network of private mortgage lenders in Cambridge, Ontario to help homeowners find the best mortgage solutions for them. With the company’s new lender network in Cambridge, homeowners who are facing foreclosure, power of sale, need a second mortgage or have bad credit mortgage can get the assistance they need to solve their problem.

Cambridge Mortgage Experts serves as middlemen between homeowners and the lenders. With the company letting the lenders compete against each other, homeowners can get the best possible terms and rates for second mortgages and bad credit mortgages. Cambridge Mortgage Experts considers all of their client’s personal needs and creates a mortgage plan specifically designed to their situation.

The company’s mortgage agents have been working in the mortgage industry for years and are knowledgeable of the Canadian mortgage market. Now that their private mortgage lenders are available in Cambridge, residents who are looking for second mortgages or a way to stop foreclosure or power of sale can find the right solution to their need. Their mortgage professionals can help homeowners reduce their monthly payments. Cambridge Mortgage Experts also offers second mortgages. They use their client’s home equity for the security in the second mortgages they offer. Homeowners can get a first, second or third mortgage as long as there’s enough equity in their property to support additional mortgages. They can also borrow any amount of money. Cambridge Mortgage Experts can provide mortgage loans even if the homeowner is self employed or has been turned down by the banks.

The company has a high mortgage approval rate and offers exclusive deals to homeowners who are facing mortgage problems. Those are facing eviction by foreclosure or power of sale can contact the company to review the Eviction Notice, Writ of Possession, Statement of Claim and Notice of Default given to them by the lender. The team will explain the entire process and plan the best course of action for the client’s situation.

Their new group of private mortgage lenders in Cambridge is just one of the company’s efforts to continue providing homeowners with viable ways to keep their homes and prevent an eviction. Cambridge Mortgage Experts hopes that they will be able to help more residents deal with their mortgage concerns in Cambridge.

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