Newly Released CopperJoint Copper Arthritis Gloves Gets Good Reception by Amazon Buyers

CopperJoint copper compression gloves were recently launched by company and has gotten a god reception from Amazon customers. Both loyal and new CopperJoint shoppers were informed of the launch promo to which they have received the product well.

CopperJoint added a not just one product this year but plan to add another one after this launch. Along with the release of the wrist sleeves, the gloves are targeted for active individuals who have joint problems in their hands, specifically people who have arthritic hands, bursitis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel and a whole lot more hand conditions. The compression gloves are made of 88% copper nylon and 12% spandex. It comes in 4 sizes (from small — XL). The copper infusion in the material was developed by experts to wick sweat and kill more than 99% microbes.

Because of the number of Americans who have arthritic hands, Jon deal decided to respond to the needs of these individuals by manufacturing a compression glove that can help with the management of these joints. At the same time the gloves can also be used as an accessory for sports like golf, tennis, baseball and others. Active individuals can use the gloves for certain activities like going to the gym or even simple activity like typing on a keyboard.

A satisfied client from Amazon wrote in favour of the gloves: “Very snug to get on at first (even over my rings as pictured) but very very comfortable to wear and great support with the right amount of compression. i love the fact these gloves have silicone palms on the outside. I can wear these during my workouts as well (pull ups) and still have great support. This is my second purchase from CopperJoint and i will continue to buy awesome products from them.” Steph wrote in her review.

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