Dermagen IQ is the perfect skin care for the skin that suffers ageing issues and damage concerns, having the ability to battle skin imperfections the natural and safe way.

(December 24, 2015) -- Sarah Anderson of WEST KEAL, UK is the endorser of Dermagen IQ anti-aging solution. Recently, a press conference was held for women who are struggling skin concerns and the spokesperson featured the product as one breakthrough element other than applying other alternatives to skin in order to combat ageing signs that are typically associated with wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, age spots, sun spots, dark pigments and other skin imperfections found in the under-eye portion.  Miss Gaither provided the large audience all the necessary information about Dermagen IQ skin care product.

Dermagen IQ is a uniquely designed age-defying formula that is highly packed with nature’s goodness and delight -- Vitamin C, Glycerin, and Cucumber Extract.

All these natural ingredients have gone through scientific studies and have been proven truly adequate when it comes to clearing out and getting rid of troubling symptoms of aging and how these agents are skin friendly and very nourishing for the skin, without making skin dull and dull and triggering any formation of side effects or skin allergic reactions.

With the help of all its essential ingredients, Dermagen IQ is absolutely is capable for its phenomenal functions basically by decreasing and filling expression wrinkles, smoothing out and reduces fine lines and under-eye circles, lifts and enhances the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Furthermore, has the ability to hydrate skin and balances it's moisture, protects skin and develop its natural defenses against free radical damage.

Other Relevant Features

Serves as an intense antioxidant agent
Promotes collagen production
Skin-Nourishing and refreshing
Enhances skin youthfulness
Makes skin healthier and energized

As the event ended, the spokesperson announced that  Dermagen IQ is now available for orders and grabs but exclusive as an “internet-based” skin care item. Thus, this cannot be made available at any local stores or malls. For further significant details and information, everyone is encouraged to visit this product's official website.

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