Costa Mesa, CA; 28, August 2015: The internationally renowned, Costa Mesa-based womens recovery facility New Directions for Women has released a new information resource for substance-dependent women with families or children.

The page is designed to help them address and understand one of the most widely-overlooked aspects of addiction therapy for women: how to help, and handle, her children while she is receiving treatment.

"We consider addiction to be a family disease," said New Directions in a statement. "We're committed to healing the whole family, and we believe this is not just good but necessary in light of the profound effects which addiction as a disease can have on the family."

For people who live with or otherwise relate regularly to people who suffer from chemical dependency, the New Directions staff recommends and is happy to support them in being involved with the treatment of the person they love. This is the New Directions family program -- helping them to make their own journey into recovery.

Often, it's the family members of the patient who have been through the roller coaster and emotional devastation of broken promises and false hopes that are the common side effects of chemical dependency as a disease. New Directions believes they deserve the chance to identify and voice their thoughts and their feelings. They promise to openly, honestly assist family members of their patients to work towards a deeper understanding of themselves, and help them develop the relationship they deserve to have with their loved one currently suffering from a chemical dependency.

The family program

The NDFW family program is based on the principles of the "12 steps" of Alcoholics Anonymous, and encourages every family member to take part in self help meetings regularly. The program includes on-site groups, educational therapy, and family therapy.

Additionally, NDFW also specializes in treating children of the patient, regardless of whether they live with their mom or not throughout treatment. Children receive early intervention treatment as well as individualized care which help address their unique needs -- for example, if they suffer from the consequences of prenatal substance exposure, NDFW can help identify and treat the condition.

Children also receive counseling services to help them build up emotional strength as well as deepen their own resilience. For this, NDFW offers a variety of techniques like art, role playing, storytelling, journaling, recreation, and more. Younger children can benefit from the "mommy and me" play therapies, and there are other therapies available for children of all ages.

School age children are also enrolled in the Newport Mesa School District where they can attend classes, and they're encouraged to participate in a healthy way in summer camp programs, educational, programs, and extracurricular activities. There are also 12 step-based programs for children.

About New Directions for Women:

NDFW is a non-profit luxury rehab center for women based in Costa Mesa.

In more than 3 decades of service the NDFW staff has been able to develop a uniquely effective approach to treating addiction in women of all ages.

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