New York, NY; 22, August 2015: For a mind that’s well-focused, a body that's highly energized and general health that’s impressively excellent, NEW EARTH ESSENTIALS is perfectly an ideal food supplement for everybody of every single day. This supplement package comes in a 14-packet loaded with super amazing health benefits to boost an individual’s daily nutrition and health and obtain overall vitality.

More facts of New Earth Essentials

NEW EARTH ESSENTIALS dietary supplement is primarily composed of Edible Microalgae. According to science, it is considered as the original superfood that has a very great influence and contribution for any health aspects.

This incomparably phenomenal product is an intensified combination of wild Microalgae, enzymes, proprietary probiotic blend of twelve different strains of live good and beneficial bacteria, and organic wheat sprouts, which add a concentrated dose of phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and essential antioxidants.

All these together in one easy-to-take and convenient encapsulated form, which has the power to provide for these truly outstanding health benefits;

* Quick way of increasing daily nutrition and health regimen
* Efficient way for the body to grab nutrients it needs every single day
* Attain natural cellular cleansing
* Improve immune system
* Regulate digestion
* Gain better sleep
* Enhanced better mood
* Elevates energy levels
* Have clearer and healthy skin
* Firmer and leaner muscle tone
* Less fat storage
* Better mental focus and clarity

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