With its accuracy and privacy in testing employees and ordinary persons, the “New era drug testing” is a company which provides drug and alcohol test for all citizens of the US. The dot drug testing and fmcsa drug testing has been mandated for all safety-sensitive companies to its employees.


The U.S. dot drug testing and fmcsa drug testing are adopted for employees in the transport company to be tested for drug and alcohol so that it could meet up with its goal to provide a drug-free transportation environment. The rules provided must be strictly adhered to by every person and employers of such persons operating a commercial motor vehicle in any state of the country. Some of the tests to be performed are pre-employment test in which the result must come out negative in order for the driver to be permitted to perform a safety sensitive function and the reasonable suspicion test which is conducted on the grounds that a well-trained employer or supervisor has reasons to suspect a driver that has used drugs or alcohol. There is also a random test which is unannounced and based on random selection of drivers. Selection is scientifically valid and all drivers covered by this rule must stand a chance of being tested therefore the names of the selected drivers must be kept confidential until the driver is notified by the carrier to take the test.


The “new era drug testing” company conduct these drug tests accurately meeting the standard set for dot drug testing and fmcsa drug testing, so you don’t have anything to bother about plus their doctors and consultants are available to lecture employees as well as employers on the dangers on drugs and alcohol consumption prior to holding a safety sensitive position. In addition to that, some services rendered by this company are drugs and alcohol testing solutions, laboratory analysis, medical review officer services, litigation assistance, training programs, random testing management, audit/reporting assistance and many more. If you are an employer in the transportation sector, it is compulsory that you follow the rules laid down about dot drug testing and fmcsa drug testing and alcohol misuse program and some of the requirements for those employees working in safety sensitive positions are provide employees with information on your policies and procedures, manage an alcohol and drug misuse program, implement pre-screening, random selection, follow-up and return-to-work drug and alcohol testing, offer contract services or consortium to provide specimen collection and laboratory testing, maintain confidentiality of all employee information and test results, submit annual reports and participate in audits or on-site visits. There is a serious need for drug misuse program due to recent studies which indicates that 23 million American citizens suffer from drug and alcohol abuse and out of this number, 70% are employed. If the bulk amount of people suffering from this problem is employed then the whole country is in trouble because they occupy safety sensitive positions and this could get real bad due to the fact that safety in those positions would be threatened.

The “new era drug testing” ensures that employees and employers and well-informed about the guidelines laid down for dot drug testing and fmcsa drug testing.