13, August 2015: This marathon game is held by one real estate enterprise in China, and it is the third year of the game. In the past two years, only the participants and workers took part in the game. However, there is a new friend taking part in the exciting game this year. Someone may ask: what is the function of Airwheel electric self-balancing unicycle? For one hand, Airwheel is devoting itself in public welfare, which shares the same willing with those participants.


As a result of that, Airwheel always participates or even donates in similar activities. For another, environmental protection and low-carbon lifestyle is another important concept of marathon and Airwheel has the similar concept--to make the broad masses of citizens convenient to travel with low carbon, ease the traffic pressure of the city and encourage the urban residents to do physical exercises in order to invigorate health effectively. It is recognized publicly that pollution is one of the common problems that the whole world is suffering from. There are many reasons that lead to the pollution around the world and exhaust disposal from various vehicles cannot be ignored. The exhaust can in turn produce carbon dioxide, greenhouse gas or other chemical gas. Consequently, these will damage not only the people living in cities, but also the climate and other creature.


Compared with running, Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooteris driven electrically, with power consumption of only one hundred kilometers per hour, which can be totally non-pollution and zero-emission. In terms of essence, both marathon and Airwheel green travelling are effective way to get physical exercise, save energy and protect the environment. And only with a healthy body can they face the work and life with a more positive attitude and make life full of positive energy.

For years, Airwheel is devoting itself to social welfare and establishing a green and friendly community, and no wonder that Airwheel intelligent self-balancing unicycle is called a new friend of marathon game!

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