Blaze Waves Entertainment has recently announced the launch of a new game named Spot The Difference. This puzzle game is available in Google Play app store, which means players with Android devices can get the free game instantly. With mobiles and tablets becoming the new generation’s gadget, the new mind tricking game is anticipated to be popular both among young and adults.

Released on July 6 2014, the new Spot The Difference is designed with 99 challenging levels. Initial levels are said to be easy so that players get a clear idea of the game. However, as the level increases, players can expect some interesting and harder task which will test individual’s attention skill and knowledge. The game scenario is set up with beautiful graphics depicting Wild West and players are provided with different power ups to save life. Early bird gamers who have already downloaded and played the game reported that the game is much matured and innovative than other spot the difference game. Here, players get more lives by collecting bombs, pistols, and beer. The more power ups, the longer is the survival. However, players need to be quick because there is a time limit in finishing up any task. This type of games test player observation and presence of mind. Spot the Difference also allows players to earn coins and win Amazon gift cards.

Spot The Difference takes the mind challenging game to the next level with its creatively designed tasks. With just a month old, the game is reported to have been downloaded by hundreds of players. The game is equipped with a user friendly interface and smooth control for easy manipulation. It also comes with a great graphic, hence making the game more lively and real. Interested player can download the game now. It promises users with interesting game play and strategy loaded with lots of fun.  For more information please go to


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