January 6, 2014 — Farmington NH - New Hampshire electrician Gus Rainone (http://www.rainoneelectric.net) offers many electrical services. But what you may not realize is that NH electrician Gus Rainone can also install wireless thermostats, lighting, fire alarms, burglar alarms and other wireless items that can be operated remotely from computers and smart phones.

“A New Hampshire electrician is normally associated with electrical wiring, says NH electrician, Gus Rainone. “But we routinely install all kinds of smart phone type devices in the home, “ he said.

Common installations include smart phone activated lighting systems which allow the homeowner to turn lights on and off anywhere they have phone access, and smart phone activated burglar and fire alarm systems that allow homeowners to double check home security and arm systems remotely.

““We’ve even installed smart phone activated lawn sprinkler controllers,” NH electrician Rainone said.

There are also complete smart phone home systems, such as the Samsung Smart Home System and systems that let you control TVs, stereos and home theaters via smartphones and tablets.

For those who have vacation homes or cabins, having a remotely installed temperature sensor is ideal…especially during these extremely cold winter months. You can set these systems so that the phone will call or text you to let you know if the temperature falls below a certain point. It can be a real money saver because it can prevent frozen pipes and other damage.

Whatever the device or home system, NH electrician Gus Rainone can install them. For more information visit http://www.rainoneelectric.net.

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Rainone Electric electrical contractor NH and electrical contractor ME, is the premier local electrician in these two states. If you need an electrician Maine or an electrician NH, hire Rainone to do everything related to electrical repair, installations and troubleshooting. For more information visit http://www.rainoneelectric.net.