Women hand bags are renowned for carrying around several mysterious yet convenient items. Common hand bag articles include, phone, wallet, make-up, hair bands, sunglasses, perhaps a book or even an ipad mini, however the latest hand bag must have isn’t what you think! It is hand grippers.

Hand Grippers are a well-known fitness tool used for improving hand and grip strength. Considering the current fitness boom and increased awareness of health and fitness this compact yet effective device really comes as no surprise.

So why can you expect to see these appearing in more womens hand bags?

Hand grippers are one of the only fitness tools that you can fit in your bag and target a muscle group that all gym enthusiasts have a desire to maintain or improve, Grip strength. Grip strength is an important factor when it comes to lifting weights, skipping, kettlebell classes, pilates and even yoga.

But what many people do not realise is that hand strength can be very useful around the house. From opening containers, to opening doors and even typing; those tiny muscles in your hands are put to the test!

There is no denying that fitness is now a strong part of culture for females, however one of the largest barriers continues to be time! Hand grippers are one of the only tools you can use on the go, whether it is during a break at work or for the long bus ride home.

Founders of premium quality hand grippers Supreme Squeeze say there is a noticeable increase in female customers, especially those that either have a busy schedule or enjoy going to the gym.

Using hand grippers such as Supreme Squeeze can have several benefits beyond the obvious. Other benefits include improved dexterity which can aid musicians and artists with their craft. Hand grippers also can provide a quick and easy form of stress relief in the same manner as stress balls.

So to keep your hand bag up to date and ready to take on whatever the world may throw your way buy your own set of hand grippers and expect to see these things more often!