Gainesville, GA — After pursuing other business ventures for the past few years Tom Watkins, former Founder and Executive Director for 15 years, has been invited out of retirement and back to the helm of New Hope Counseling to grow and expand its service offerings in the Northeast Georgia area.

This is an important strategic move for New Hope Counseling because Tom was the original founder and has been instrumental in accomplishing the following over the past 15 years:

- New Hope Counseling has been involved as a community partner serving State and county agencies over the years, which includes organizations, local schools, churches, and private companies.

- New Hope Counseling provides a wide range of services including, but not limited to, alcohol/drug counseling, domestic violence treatment, psychological testing, eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR), and a host of individual services.

- New Hope Counseling continues to provide a business model based on affordability of services. Individuals are offered sliding scale fees based on income requirements with some individuals receiving full scholarships under special conditions.

- New Hope Counseling has opened a Wellness Center providing a holistic approach to therapy services. The Wellness Center includes massage therapy, acupuncture, nutritional guidance, children’s therapy, including sand tray techniques, spiritual development, relaxation therapies, and numerous other treatment modalities to address a person’s well being as a whole.

- New Hope Counseling, operating in the community for nearly 2 decades, has served over an estimated twenty thousand people in the multi-county area of Northeast Georgia.

With all of this positive history and Tom Watkins returning as its leader, New Hope Counseling will be positioned to provide Northeast Georgia's citizens with affordable quality care in the areas of wellness, domestic violence, addiction recovery, and individual services that they have grown to appreciate over the last 15 years.

About New Hope Counseling

Founded in 1996, New Hope Counseling serves the greater Gainesville Georgia and Cumming Georgia regions. New Hope Counseling was one of the first counseling services in Gainesville, Georgia to offer affordable group and individual based treatment services for addiction, domestic violence, anger management, and mental health issues. Over the years New Hope has been instrumental in helping substance abuse, anger management and domestic violence clients to get their lives back on track. New Hope is committed to expanding and growing services to meet the modern needs of the Gainesville Georgia and Cumming Georgia communities. To date, more than 20,000 individuals have received counseling services and the impact of New Hope’s counseling services are felt by healing families across the region. New Hope Counseling will continue to serve our communities and help clients through the recovery process so that they can grow and develop productive and healthy lives.  Find out more about New Hope Counseling at: or call 770.539.9669

Amanda Hardin, Office Manager
New Hope Counseling
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