27, August 2015: Bent Kettle Brewing has developed a new and improved version of their Insolence Double IPA craft beer. Recipe tweaking was expected to bump the ABV up to 8.5% and enhance flavor.

Commenting on Bent Kettle’s obsession with brewing the perfect IPA, owner and brewer Mark Cook said, "We had a great brew session in the Bent Cave involving Insolence Double IPA. Recipe tweaking involved upping the aroma hops addition and a different yeast strain. Goals reached were a minimum ABV of 8.3% and IBU's around 85. I’m very happy with the improvements. Looking forward to hearing what other craft beer lovers have to say about it."


Insolence is now on tap at The Riverwalk in Fort Atkinson! Get some before it's gone!

Insolence is on tap at Willy Ty's and Brock's Riverwalk. Hop Cat is taking delivery of Insolence and Thwack today! You can go get your Thwack on at Eddie's Ale House and The Keystone Grill.

Insolence is still on tap at Callahan's Sports Pub in Madison!

Thwack! is now on tap at Hop Cat in Madison. Look for it soon at Craftsman Table and Tap in Middleton. There's still a little left at Keystone Grill in Cambridge and at Eddie's Ale House in Sun Prairie.

Here are some more Bent Kettle tap locations where they have developed a popular presence:

Sun Prairie - Eddie's Alehouse & Eatery and Willie Ty's
Madison - Alchemy Café, Callahn's Sports Pub, The Malt House, Maduro, and Hop Cat.
Middleton - Craftsman Table and Tap
Cambridge - Keystone Grill
Fort Atkinson - Paddy Couglin's Irish Pub and Brock's Riverwalk Tavern & Grill
Franklin - Milwaukee Burger Company
Appleton - Milwaukee Burger Company
Wausau - Milwaukee Burger Company
Eau Claire - Milwaukee Burger Company

Bent Kettle craft beers launch party for Insolence and Thwack at Milwaukee Burger Company, Appleton WI in 2015: http://youtu.be/L5qZHQ_HbEg

Look for Bent Kettle craft beers to appear in soon in the following locations: Flying Hound Alehouse in Fitchburg and in Sun Prairie at Daly's Bar & Grill. Learn more about Insolence Double IPA craft beers at http://bentkettle.com/beers/insolence-year-round-beer

Any day that ends in a Y is a great day to Get Bent!